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The training opportunities and benefits to our members continues to grow each and everyday. Member benefits include:

  • Access to coached training plan led by Coach John Grieco for AC 70.3 and other late season 70.3 races. Details here. For paid members only.
  • Coached Sprint/Olympic training program to targeted to Pat Griskus Sprint/Olympic distance races on 6/15/19 (included with membership). 
  • Periodic BRIC workouts at Harriman State Park: including a combination of swim, bike and run events. Weather permitting
  • 2 weekly scheduled workouts during the spring training season.
  • Weekly volunteer member-led bike and run training sessions
  • Invitations to Social Events such as Happy Hours and post workout Brunches
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you'll find: information about volunteer-led workouts, people looking for training/workout partners, information about social events, carpool requests, gear and training questions asked and answered by other members
  • Camaraderie and support of team members at race
  • Ride shares and shared accommodations for away races and training
  • Access to training camps provided by one of our partners

By requesting this membership, you affirm that you are 18 years of age or older and have read the Queensboro Tri Membership Waiver and understand its content. 

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Annual Club Membership dues are $75 and are not refundable. Use the button below to pay for your membership via PayPal.