2019 Membership Renewal


  • Access to a coached training plan led by Coach John Grieco for AC 70.3 and other late season 70.3 races. Ramp-up workouts start 3/1/19 and training phase starting 4/21/19 – details here.
  • Coached Sprint/Olympic training program to targeted to Pat Griskus Sprint/Olympic distance races on 6/15/19 (included with membership). 
  • Periodic BRIC workouts at Harriman State Park: including a combination of swim, bike and run events. Weather permitting
  • 2 weekly scheduled workouts during the spring training through mid-June.
  • Access to Summer training camps provided by one of our partners

As in the past we’ll continue to rely on team members to volunteer to led outdoor bike and training sessions beginning in the early spring. All details related to workouts, social events, ride shares, races, etc. will continue to be posted on the private QBT Facebook page.