Spring 2018 Swim Program

Improve your swim technique, increase your speed and in general become more comfortable in the water with a fantastic coach. Classes start 4/14 so don't wait. Use the link below to submit your payment to secure your spot in this swim training program. (Limited spots available.)


WHERE: Roosevelt Island Pool

DATES: 4/14; 4/21; 4/28; 5/5; 5/12; 6/2


COACH: Robert Valentin of Blue Ocean Swimming 

COST: $135 for 4 sessions; $100 for 3 sessions



In each session wework on a set of skills and refine them from week to week. There will be sets working in each of these categories at each workout. Overall yardage will vary depending on the lane. Yardage will be anywhere between 1700 yards to 2500 yards.

  • breathing
  • feeling and catching the water
  • distance per stroke
  • stroke efficiency
  • building endurance
  • some speed work


Participants should be comfortable in the deep end and to have face in the water while they swim (don't have to be comfortable breathing) and be able to swim 50 yards (one lap down and back). You may not be comfortable doing it but you can do it.


Number of Sessions