30-Week 70.3 Training Program

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A 30-week remote group training program that follows a progression from base to building to peak to taper for race day. A typical week of workouts will contain 3 swim workouts, 3 bike workouts, 3 run workouts, 1 or 2 strength workouts and additional information about nutrition fueling for training and racing. The group structure allows pricing significantly less than individual coaching and is much lower than many group training alternatives. 


This plan is geared specifically towards Lake Placid 70.3 and is suitable for later season races in Aug/Sept/Oct.



The 6 weeks between the informal start and training start will be a time for you to do strength training and build your bike and run base. You may feel great and want to do more. Relax and have fun for later you’ll work (hard) and don’t want to burn out early.



You’ll be ramping up from 5 hours of training per week to around 13-18 hours of training per week before beginning a taper leading into the race. 2-prong approach: 2/3 of the workouts are about volume. The remainder are targeted interval workouts at HR zones.



Cost per person will depend on the final number of participants and is expected to be between $30-$40/month.


GET ON THE ROSTER! Send email to jennifer.mason@queensborotri.org to add your name to the roster. Payment link will be emailed to all participants the second week of January.



  • Way to measure intensity of swimming (pace clock in pool or pace watch)
  • Training Peaks (TP) account (more details about TP accounts below) 
  • Heart Rate monitor for biking and cycling
  •  Speed/ Cadence / Distance for cycling that can be uploaded to TP (bike computer not ideal b/c can’t upload the data)
  • GPS pace watch for running
  • Pool buoy and paddles



One-hour weekly group call in which coach will review the coming week’s workout schedule and discuss key topics (nutrition, race pacing, recovery, etc). The workouts are all delivered at one level and the weekly call will also be a time when coach will suggest how you can make the workouts more or less challenging. Each week a google document will be posted where you can post your questions and they will be answered within the week.



Each participant will have a half hour one-on-one intro call with coach John Grieco.



Workouts will use heart rate zones to inform effort.).  Based on what he’s seeing in TP, coach will also update HR zones as needed. He will let you know if your HR zone is changing. Once he updates your zones in TP, your workouts will automatically update to the new HR zone.



1/3 of the workouts will be tagged as breakthrough workouts… these are ones where you will expect to get feedback from coach via Training Peaks. Breakthrough workouts are those that build on each other from week to week (it’s important not to miss these workouts).


SIGN UP TODAY! Send email to jennifer.mason@queensborotri.org to add your name to the roster. Payment link will be emailed to all participants the second week of January.



In general tracking workouts and how you feel during and after the workout will allow coach to get a sense of how you’re doing even though he’s not nearby. Using TP, coach is able to track and chart your progress.


  • All workouts will be loaded into TP weekly.
  • Each athlete is responsible to enter the results (or upload the Garmin file) of each of their workouts as well as comments about how it felt. For example: felt great during the run and crashed hard in the afternoon, the workout felt too easy (or hard/couldn’t finish), what nutrition you took and how your body reacted, etc.
  • Coach will provide feedback via TP for breakthrough workouts.
  • Choose from two levels of Training Peaks. Either level will work and the Premium has some additional benefits.
    • Premium
      • You can move the workouts around in the TP schedule and coach will give guidance as to how to space them
      • Every morning you will get an email with your workout for that day and the next day.
      • Coach receives an alert when you enter a comment on a workout and will provide feedback as soon as he can.
    • Free
      • You can adjust your schedule but TP won’t reflect the changes that you made.
      • No alert sent when you enter comments so he doesn’t know when something new to look at. He will look at comments in batch once or twice a week.


YES! Many running and cycling workouts will be about time and distance. There will also be interval cycling workouts at effort that are measured by HR target, cadence targets or both. A lot of the workouts will be about time and distance for running and cycling. Therefore, you need to know your targets. In the end, it’s hard for coach to understand if you held effort, if you also held cadence. If only HR to look at and HR is staying constant then it looks like training is going well. But if you are increasing effort in each interval and HR is remaining constant you may be more fit than expected and need to vary difficulty. Or if you are decreasing effort because you are getting tired and the HR is constant he would need to know that as well in order to effectively give you feedback to improve your performance.



Every four weeks, you will have testing workouts that will push you to a near race pace to determine and measure your progress and adjust your training zones.  As you get faster, the expectations are that your training paces will get a bit more challenging! Tiorati races are a perfect platform for this assessment.



Camp is going to be high volume and the expectation is that people will have already been comfy at 50+ miles and running at 10+ miles. If more than half of training participants are going to training camp he will build in high volume in June with recovery on return and then start building on high volume. No problem if you don’t go to camp. You probably won’t do as much volume so you’ll have higher intensity in the following “recovery” week will. Not familiar with training camp? Send an email to jennifer.mason@queensborotri.org to get all the details. 



From January to mid-may consider Olympic distance races. After May a warm-up half is an option. Build in a six to eight-week gap between race dates for recovery, build and taper to the next race with an opportunity for performance improvement. Also consider straight running race: An early season 10K or ½ marathon. Some options: Feb Gridiron 4 miles; Washington Heights 5K in March; 4/15 women’s ½ marathon; UAE 4/29 10K. Before April any race less than a 1/2 marathon can be the race only. From April/May forward anything less than a 1/2 marathon would require adding extra miles before or after the race and or/ making it a brick.


BI-WEEKLY TIORATI RACES: Beginning late March / early April depending on whether, bi-weekly races with timing will be planned for Tiorati. These races will be scheduled to work with the training plan. This can be a no-cost substitute for races or just the tough training week. These workouts/races can be used to re-calibrate your pacing, heart rate, power (if applicable) and thresholds in each sport.


GET ON THE ROSTER! Send email to jennifer.mason@queensborotri.org to add your name to the roster. Payment link will be emailed to all participants the second week of January.



John has been racing triathlons for over 10 years, from sprints to ironman distance. He is USAT (USA Triathlon), USA Cycling and RRCA certified and has been coached by some of the best in the sport. Having qualified and raced for Team USA at their World Championship in 2014 and 2017, he is personally aware of all aspects of training and competing at the highest level. John has successfully completed over 50 triathlons as well as several marathons and duathlons.